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Welcome to NutriWellbeing, where I use nutrition and herbalism to support women over 40 with painful menopausal, hormonal and digestive symptoms.

A stable and happy weight is also achieved through understanding subconscious triggers in order to make long-lasting lifestyle changes. 

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Ways to Work Together

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Pre-Made Meal Plans

Do you know your health symptoms but you are at a complete loss on what foods to eat?

Do you need to jump start your clean health journey?

Then try the following 7-day meal plans on our shop page. They are  packed with delicious recipes, each accompanied with its own shopping list.

Easy to use and printer friendly.


Personalized Meal Plans

No one person is the same. You may have a specific health issues or a training goal and you need the perfect nutrition plan to make that happen. Or you may have food  allergies or intolerances. In these cases a personalized meal plan is the best way forward.

Fill out the 7 or 14-day health form on our shop page. 

Following a detailed review of your needs you will receive a personalised meal plan packed with amazing recipes as well as a shopping list just for you.

Also easy to use and printer friendly.


1:1 Nutrition Programs

Are you at a complete loss on where to start on your health journey? Are you overweight and have tried to loose weight on your own unsuccessfully? Are you suffering from menopause or perimenopause symptoms from hot flushes to aching joints to lack of sleep? Do you have digestive issues such as IBS or GERD, diverticular or polyps? Do you suffer from PCOS? Then a nutritionist and health coach who can answer your questions, help you put in place a feasible action plan as well as understand your previous undesirable results, whilst providing you with the support you need to achieve your goals may be your answer.

Learn more about our 1:1 programs or book a discovery call for more information. Consultations are available in French and English.



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