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As a runner in my teens incorporating the health benefits from specific foods was part of my everyday routine.  However, by university, my eating habits had slipped into junk food and yoyo dieting.  A stressful job and three children later, I was faced with multiple health issues: IBS (Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome), thyroid mal-function, ovarian cysts and severe stress.

In my search for alternative healing methods, I started reading a lot on nutrition and micronutrients and then, reduced my work schedule in order to train as a holistic nutritionist.  Holistic because in my opinion it is impossible to treat the body focusing only on its physical aspects.  It is essential to find the root cause to reduce cyclic tendencies and to ensure long-lasting results.  My initial objective was to find the answers to help me solve my health problems without going under the knife.  I moved from a place of unhealthy eating to one of complete wellbeing and serenity. 

  I did so successfully helping my friends and family along the way.  My success is based on the following three simple beliefs:

  1. Mother nature offers us unlimited resources,

  2. To heal, one must identify the root causes,

  3. Each person comes with their own potential; the key is to capitalise on this potential to restore good health.

I realised that good health and wellbeing was within my reach.  Developing a mind-fitness approach through meditation and neuro linguistic techniques, changing the way I shopped for food and cooked, and developing a specific exercise regime, helped me to improve my health and ward off diseases.

I am ready to share this with you once we decide on your personalised eating plan.  You have the key to an enhanced wellbeing and I can help you to discover it!

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